Weblogs are the second generation internet products to replace the first generation product such as e-mails. It consists of using the company web site to create "confidential & continuous communication with clients".
It can be installed in existing web sites or new web logs dedicated to specific brands, regions or verticals as required.

The clients can be either buyers or suppliers or within company staff or even government departments. It can be designed and installed within a month at a cost usually below 10,000 US dollars. Once installed it does not need any licensing renewals.

The Main Benefits:

Provides Positive:
  • Confidential information exchange
  • Automatic archiving
  • Automatic sort
  • Can be seen by those given access only and more...

Fights negatives:

  • No need for e-mail admin
  • No Junk e-mails or spam
  • No virus attack
  • Cannot be erased even if PC crashes and more...

Web design can be done in following 5 models:

For more information please e-mail: rajan@chaviit.com

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